Sylvia Jones is creating her own place in the world of Christian music. As a long-time praise and worship leader, she has spent many years singing in front of diverse audiences perfecting live music ministry.  Her music has mass appeal, regardless of age, race or ethnic background.  She has an appealing sound and message that listeners are able to connect with universally.  God has blessed her with a commanding ability to connect with audiences and lead them into an atmosphere of praise and worship unto the Lord.  

She received vocal coaching from Patricia Carey, mother of superstar singer Mariah Carey.  Also, she has opened up for Christian award winning artists such as Martha Munizzi, John P. Kee, and Stephen Hurd. Previously, she won the “Connecticut’s Best Female Solo Artist of the Year" award.  In addition to Christian venues, Sylvia has performed in some of New York City's most renowned spots such as Madison Square Garden, Rockefeller Center, and the Soul Café.  Sylvia’s live concerts are always lively, uplifting and unique. During her concerts, she spontaneously creates catchy phrases and melodies for the audience to sing along.  Her prophetic background allows her to freely flow with the Holy Spirit and shift atmospheres and see lives changed. 

In addition to singing, Sylvia is a prolific songwriter. From youthful, urban lyrics to adult contemporary, she pens all of the songs she records.  Her songs "There’s Nobody Like You," Miracle," and "Help Me to Stand" are played in heavy rotation on gospel radio in her home state. Currently, she is working on her 2nd CD which is scheduled to be released in 2018.

Besides singing, Sylvia writes plays and skits. Many times, she incorporates them into her live concerts. She believes that drama is a powerful way to communicate her musical message with people.

Currently, Sylvia conducts music worships for local churches, organizations and also serves on the praise and worship music team at her home church in CT.  She is supported by her loving husband and daughter.


Sylvia Jones